Disney Removes Trump From Hall Of Presidents After Liberals Whine That He’s ‘Scary’

As you’ve probably heard, President Donald Trump was recently added to Disneyland’s Hall of Presidents and liberals are, as usual, desperately in need of a safe space.

Overall, Disney did a great job capturing the President’s likeness, presenting the crowd with a figure that, like Trump, exudes strength and leadership — and that’s exactly what has liberals up in arms.

“I took my daughter in there and it was so scary,” park guest Mary McCallum told the Orlando Herald after visiting the attraction Monday. “I don’t know how any parent could bring their children to celebrate a sexual predator like Trump.”

In all, the park says it received more than 950 complaints about Trump’s presence in the Hall of Presidents. Though no one complained when a Muslim traitor who may not even have been born in this country (Obama) was featured because we’re adults who realize that simply being the President earns you a spot in the attraction, Disney decided to do what the snowflakes want and remove the President.

“Due to an unprecedented amount of complaints, we have made the difficult decision to remove President Trump’s animatronic from the Hall of Presidents,” Disney spokesperson Desmond Matthews told the Orlando Sentinel. “We will leave him in the attraction until week’s end, but after that his speaking part will be filled by George Washington and his animatronic will be retired.”

This is yet another example of how liberals are destroying America. They have a problem with the President so they whine until Disney censors him “for the sake of the children.”

It’s time for us to do away with liberalism once and for all.

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