Federal Judge Nullifies Alabama Senate Election: ‘It’s Nothing But Fraud’

Judge Alejandro Wilson of Alabama’s 14th District Court of Appeals has thrown out the certification of the run-off election between Roy Moore and Doug Jones. The ruling, handed down just before the certification was set to be sent to the Senate Floor for confirmation, states that due to rampant voter fraud, the election can’t be considered “the will of the people.

Judge Wilson wrote:

“Between illegals voting, busloads of people being shipped in from across the country and the voter ID scam, it would appear that the number of fraudulent votes has surpassed the margin of victory. Assuming that fraud was perpetrated to subvert the will of the people, the only legal conclusion is to throw out this failed election and have the State of Alabama try again in January.”

Roy Moore has declared the ruling a “victory for all God-fearing Alabamians.” Doug Jones has filed an appeal to the 9th District Court for injunctive relief.

Alabama’s state offices will be closed until Tuesday, but a spokesman for the Governor said the Board of Elections is “exploring all of their options.”

A special election would have to take place before the Senate resumes its normal schedule on January 19th. We’ll keep you updated on this evolving situation.

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