Nancy Pelosi’s Daughter Denied Bail After Incident

Sometimes, very rarely, we see lady justice treat the elite the same way she treats everyone else and that happened on Friday night at Abigail Pelosi’s bail hearing.

Pelosi’s youngest daughter just turned 18 last week but she couldn’t wait to get herself in trouble. On Wednesday she and her friends sneaked into the Suprema Club in Baltimore, Maryland and when hey got caught one member of the group —Pelosi—refused to leave.

According to news reports that came out before anyone knew her identity (reports on the incident stopped coming after her name was discovered) indicated that the girl “physically assaulted multiple security guards and a police officer,” causing “numerous injuries.”

Normally, even in the case of a violent assault, it would not be an issue to get Abigail released on bail but she seems to be an almost remarkable kind of stupid: she attacked a guard at the Baltimore Minimum Security Prison on her way to see the judge Friday evening.

As a result, Pelosi was denied bail and now must sit behind bars for two weeks until her court date unless her mom pulls some strings — something that will be difficult now that what happened is getting some publicity.

The Pelosi family are all trash and this is just the latest example of why we should not place our trust in liberals.

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