New Yorkers Revolt after ‘Machine Error’ Changes Their Vote To DeBlasio

It’s official: Democrat hero Bill de Blasio has been “re-elected” as mayor of New York City. And as with all other Democrat victories, it’s looking like the Mayor cheated.

At 5:47 P.M. Eastern, Fox News projected New York state Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis as the clear winner with a 19-point lead. But when the polls closed, de Blasio had cruised ahead to 65% compared to Malliotakis’ 29.1%.

This was shocking to many, but to none as much as New Yorkers who voted for Malliotakis only to see de Blasio’s name on the printout.

“I don’t know what happened. I voted for Nicole, but this thing says I voted for Bill,” New York City resident Trebianca Jenkins told the New York Times.

Kathyanne Pearlman says that she “would have voted for the Assemblywoman twice” but “ended up voting for de Blasio once.”

According to The Blaze, more than 17% of Republican voters say their vote was switched.

Just what is going on here? According to officials it was “possibly a machine error,” but no official statement has been made.

We reached out to de Blasio’s office for comment but the receptionist hung up the phone.

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